Wow, it’s been a while

Here are the three of us about a year ago. Imagine Emily being ooooh about a head taller!

I have been thinking about resurrecting this blog for a while. I have another blog. in which I chronicle the books I read, my workouts and my life as a mom and wife.

I also post recipes on that site, but I haven’t posted many. I think I will start utilizing this blog and it’s fanciness for my recipes.

I have heard that wordpress has a better archiving system for things like recipes. I don’t expect to have a lot of followers, so really this blog is mainly for me. Perhaps a few people out there would like to try some of the recipes I post.

You won’t really find any recipes I’ve come up with myself. I’m nowhere near that kind of cook. I’m going to pull recipes mainly from toddler recipe sites to get this kid eating some good, fresh foods! So it will be kid-heavy in my posts. I apologize in advance! haha.

The Bean is a bit challenging when it comes to food. She is picky, like her Daddy, but that’s to be expected. She tends to have constipation problems so my goal here is to help her become regular.

I was raised on fast food and tons of processed foods. I love my parents, but I sometimes think I have had so many health problems due to all the crap I’ve eaten over the years.

I’m a horrible cook though. Something goes wrong every time I try to follow a recipe. But I’m determined to learn to be a good cook and baker.

I would love to provide The Bean with organic fresh foods every single day. But our budget doesn’t allow us to shop every day for fresh foods. But I figure if I can give her meals made from scratch and not processed…now we are talking.

I’m going to repost a few recipes I originally posted in my other blog. I’m not sure how often I’ll post here since I do have the other blog, but I think this will give me good motivation to experiment in the kitchen.


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